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Since the clocks receive a radio time frequency from our TimeTrax Sync Transmitter, they will stay on time virtually anywhere throughout your facility while automatically adjusting for daylight savings time and power outages, providing years of maintenance-free service. With easy implementation and no FCC license required each synchronized clock is ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications. The central time source being captured from GPS, NTP and/or the facility’s internal network, makes for a universal system almost anywhere.

Wired Synchronized Clocks

Wired synchronized time clock systems offer an ideal solution for facilities that have access and ability to run low voltage wire. Low voltage wire is used to send correction signals to the clock devices. Pyramid’s digital and analog systems are plug and play and do not require an electrician to install. These systems offer the greatest advantages when the number of clock devices is relatively low or wireless is not an option. Wired synchronous clocks can provide the lowest initial system cost solutions that can expand into a wireless system with additional clock devices as your needs and budget allow.

Simplex Replacement Clocks

Pyramid Technologies offers analog and digital clocks that are designed to be drop-in replacements for Simplex Clocks. Clocks are designed as slave clocks to interface with Simplex master controls. Our clocks can also replace master clock systems using 58th/59th correction.