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Pay on Demand is an innovative service that allows employees to access wages they’ve already worked for but that haven’t yet been paid out — without the employer needing to front the capital. Wage advances provide employees with greater liquidity and improved financial health, and offering this option helps businesses become employers of choice and enjoy a range of benefits, including increased workforce productivity, reduced turnover, and lower payroll expenses. Pay on Demand doesn’t require any changes to employer payroll; all funds are advanced and collected by Clair, a third-party provider. The service is free for both employers and employees.

Higher retention, lower replacement costs

Financial benefits that give employees fast access to pay can reduce turnover by 20-40%. Help your organization to save on hiring and training costs.

Employer of choice branding

When employees need quick cash, they don’t want to have to turn to predatory payday lenders. Show them that their employer has their back.

Relief on business cashflow, no payroll impact

Clair funds the advances so your organization does not have to. We also work within existing payroll processes so you don’t need to run payroll more often.

No cutting checks for the underbanked

Employers often pay up to $4.43 to process and print a check per employee, per pay period. Those costs add up. By paying electronically, you help your organization save.