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Access and manage your time and labor tasks with a secure, modern, personalized mobile experience to improve your workforce productivity.

Employee Self Service:   Download Employee Self Service

  • Punch in and out, and track GPS locations.
  • Record time through a daily worksheet.
  • Enter missing punches, transfer departments, with an automated approval workflow.
  • View your benefit balance, make a leave request and access your leave request history.
  • Alert your supervisor of late arrival or absence, send a message to your supervisor or access message history.
  • Ability to enter tips, expenses, meals, mileage and more.

Manager Self Service:    Download Manager Self Service

  • Receive notifications for missing punches, unapproved time cards, employees not scheduled and clocked in.
  • Automated approval workflows that address missing punches, late arrivals, absences and requests for time off.
  • Access information such as who is working now, employees approaching overtime or full time, attendance performance and schedules.
  • Manage group edits and approve time cards to enable payroll.
  • Adding a missing punch
  • Replying to a message
  • Acknowledging/addressing an exception
  • Addressing/dismissing an employee call-in notification
  • Approving an employee-added punch
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