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The Rapidprint series: There is a reason the Rapidprint series are the best of the best, as they are great for imprinting a variety of time, date and message (with die plates) combinations. Never again be at a loss as to when things are occurring in your business.  The Rapidprint ARL-E Time and Date Stamp provides an efficient, cost effective way to register time and date on your important documents along with an easy-to-read digital LED clock.  These time stamps allow for quick recording of date and time on all your business forms from onion skin to 1/4″ thick.

Amano PIX-21 Time-Date-Stamp Clock: Both an electronic cost and payroll unit as well as a time and date stamping machine, the PIX-21 is an economical, automatic side printer that uses 10 different notations. Engineered for value, simplicity and durability, the portable PIX-21 series electronic time clock suits small business applications. The PIX-21 eliminates manual time sheets and the errors that usually accompany such methods–contributing to saving right to your bottom line.

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